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Blakeley State Park
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The town of Blakeley is the oldest continuous town in Baldwin County and one of the oldest in Alabama. Dating to 1814, the town at one point was larger than Mobile with a population of 4,000. The once bustling town included hotels, stores, churches and homes.

Blakely began declining in the 1830s, due to epidemics and land speculation. The town was the site of the last major battle of the Civil War, The town is now overgrown by nature and became a state park in 1981.

The state park includes 10.5 miles of nature trails, bike and horse paths. Blakeley is the largest National Historic Register Site east of the Mississippi River. The park covers 3,800 acres adjacent to the Tensaw River.

Historic Blakeley State Park
34745 State Hwy. 225
P.O. Box 7279
Spanish Fort, AL 36577

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